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It’s no secret that construction projects produce a lot of dust and debris. Unfortunately, most contractors don’t include post-construction cleaning in their contracts. This leaves you with the task of cleaning and sanitizing your new space.

Instead of adding one more thing to your move-in list, let North Raleigh Cleaning Services take the pressure off. Our post-construction cleaning company will make your home or office move-in ready with professional cleaning services.

If you need post-construction cleaning service in Raleigh, NC and Surrounding areas call now to schedule your appointment.

Move Over Dirt – Our Team Is Here To Save The Day

Walking into a space that’s filled with dust and debris can take the excitement away from your new home or office. Don’t let a little dirt spoil your new chapter. Hire our post-construction cleaning company to:

  • Remove dust and debris
  • Sanitize your space
  • Clean all areas of your site

We provide post-construction cleaning service for residential and small commercial properties in Raleigh, NC and Surrounding Areas. Reach out to our team today to schedule your appointment.

Rely On Our Post Construction Cleaning Company In Raleigh, NC and Surrounding Areas

Cleaning up construction debris isn’t easy. You need an experienced team to make sure the job is done right. North Raleigh Cleaning Services is a trusted post construction cleaning company in Raleigh, NC and Surrounding Areas. You’ll be thrilled with our thorough post construction cleaning service.

Our Crew Will Clean Every Nook and Cranny

As your post construction cleaning company, we strive to make your building look and smell clean before it’s opened. Our team will:

  • Remove dust, dirt, smudges and scuffs from walls
  • Dust all surfaces, woodwork and fixtures, including ceiling fans
  • Clean trim, baseboards, window frames and door frames
  • Clean all interior masonry and remove any stickers on glass
  • Clean window blinds, inside cabinets and inside closets

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